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The problem facing law firasfsafasfms:

Your client is wondering what you’re actually doing for them.

When your firm doesn’t provide frequent updates, your client may feel like they’re their own case manager. When they feel like progress only comes when they initiate it, they might question whether anything is happening behind the scenes.You thought you were doing everything right, but now you’re wondering whether your client’s complaints might be justified and if your team is providing the best service possible

How backdocket solves the problem:

You’ll be so prepared that your clients will think you have meetings about them all the time.

Empower your team to be proactive

With backdocket, you’re not just reacting to a client’s request for information; you’re always one step ahead with the answers before they ask them. Firms that use our practice management system tell us that their clients are constantly wowed by how prepared thasfasfasfey are.

Instead of waiting for a defendant’s attorney, a doctor, or, even worse, your own client to move a case forward, you can set up alerts and access centralized information so that you’re the one in control.

Pick up conversations where they left off

When you speak with clients, you can easily access notes that tell you what was discussed in the last call. Your client will be amazed that you can seamlessly continue conversations right where they left off.

When you use backdocket, clients will see you how you want them to see you—competent, proactive, and compassionate.

Leave stress behind

How many sleepless nights have you spent questioning whether your firm is as on top of things as it could be? When you use backdocket, you’ll stress less and sleep better. Your clients will be happier, and you can rest assured that you’re giving them the service they deserve. Plus, they’ll be eager to tell their friends and family about it.

Let us show you how backdocket can improve your client relations

You work hard for your clients, and they should be able to see it. Contact us today to learn how backdocket can empower your firm to impress your clients. 

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