How to Make the Most of Your Free Demo of Backdocket

When exploring legal practice management solutions, trying software before you buy can help you get to know the product before fully committing. A free demo is a valuable opportunity to assess a product’s fit for your needs, like streamlined communication, centralized file storage, and KPI metrics tracking.

At backdocket, our free demo allows potential users to experience important features and functions firsthand, assess integration, and share its capabilities with other firm members for input. Learn how to make the most of your free demo with backdocket to pick the right practice management software for your firm’s performance goals and client needs.

Get to Know the Software’s Features and Functions

Owners and managers at your firm can make the most of the free backdocket demo by familiarizing themselves with its user-friendly, legal-focused features. Key functions to evaluate during the demo include:

  • Reporting and Dashboarding: Discover how you can track your firm’s KPIs with personalized dashboards. Create color-coded graphs, charts, and reports for Intake, Case Status, and marketing KPIs, which help you track and analyze your firm’s performance.
  • Intake Management: Experience how backdocket manages real-time notifications about incoming leads. Learn how you can customize fields to obtain specific client data and manage the chase life cycle.
  • Calendar Features: Explore the calendar’s versatility in booking resources and scheduling events. See how you can sort views by individual users or the entire firm, aiding in better resource planning.
  • Task Management: Evaluate the task tracking system and discover how to automate your to-do list. This feature helps in ensuring tasks are promptly initiated and completed.
  • Records Requests Handling: See how backdocket simplifies tracking timelines for record requests. This centralized view removes the need to sift through individual claims, enhancing efficiency.
  • Advanced Search Capabilities: Test the search feature to see how you can find contacts and claims using any field, including custom ones. This helps in quickly retrieving the necessary information.
  • Check Approval Process: Learn about managing claim ledgers and setting approval levels for check requests. This feature aims to streamline financial transactions and reduce administrative workload.
  • Integration Capabilities: Explore how backdocket integrates with essential tools like Office 365, Google, CallRail, Marketo, and MailChimp. This helps in understanding its adaptability with your current systems.
  • Claim Type Templates: Discover the range of pre-built claim type templates and see their practical application in your practice, enhancing efficiency in case management.
  • Custom Fields in Reporting: Test backdocket’s capability to customize and report using custom fields. This feature allows for tailored data analysis specific to your firm’s requirements.
  • Digital Signature Upload: Experience the ease of uploading digital signatures for mail merges, a feature that can streamline document handling.
  • Marketing Campaign Analysis: Explore how backdocket tracks and improves marketing campaign performance and lead attribution, providing insights into the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.

Invite Key Firm Members to Experience the Platform

To get the most out of the backdocket demo, involve key members from various roles and departments in your firm. This allows for a more holistic evaluation of the software and its fit for the entire organization.

Encourage team members from various departments, like administration, legal, marketing, and finance, to test the backdocket platform. This hands-on experience allows each department to discover how the software benefits operations. For instance, legal teams can assess improvements in case management, while marketing can explore enhancements in client engagement.

Gathering feedback from these perspectives offers a comprehensive view of the software’s effectiveness in meeting diverse departmental needs. It also unites the team in identifying the best tools for improving productivity, efficiency, and communication.

Experience Full Device Integration First-Hand

During your backdocket demo, test the software on all devices used at your firm. This is your chance to see how well the software works on all your firm’s devices, from desktops and laptops to tablets and smartphones. It showcases the flexibility of backdocket and gives you confidence that it will meet your firm’s needs across different platforms.

Knowing that the software runs smoothly on each device can reassure you about its efficiency before investing in the monthly subscription. Use this part of the demo to eliminate doubts about compatibility and ensure a seamless tech experience for your team.

Schedule Your Free Demo with Backdocket Today!

Discover how backdocket can enhance your legal practice. Our free demo allows you to explore essential features and functions and assess device integration. Take the first step toward more efficient practice management for your legal firm.

Schedule a free demo with backdocket today and find the right solution to meet your firm’s needs.

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