How to Manage Documents Securely and Efficiently

The importance of law firms having a solid document management system cannot be overstated. When a firm’s documents are securely and efficiently stored in the cloud, it allows them to locate, access, and securely share them with clients and colleagues wherever they are— 24/7 quickly and easily. Cloud-based practice management software like backdocket helps law firms do all of this while remaining ethically compliant.

Read further to learn how a secure and efficient document management system is essential to a firm’s success and how backdocket’s practice management software can assist in making it a reality.

Secure Document Management and Ethical Compliance

One major threat to the security of your documents is human error. The American Bar Association says one of the most critical duties of any lawyer is to make every effort to “prevent the inadvertent or unauthorized disclosure of, or unauthorized access to, information relating to the representation of a client.” Practice management software protects you from making errors that can lead to ethical or security issues for your clients.

Possible ethical errors include:

  • Miscalculations and typos
  • Confidential documents left unprotected
  • Not filing documents on time
  • Lack of communication with clients

Also, a serious ethical concern is poor record keeping. This opens your law firm up to serious ethical issues. An efficient system for managing documents can protect your firm from data breaches and complete financial ruin if the firm is audited.

Backdocket removes the element of human error by making internal and client communication easy, offers scheduling assistance to remind of upcoming meetings, and keeps you on top of your appointments and your data. All of your information will be securely organized and stored in a centralized location so everyone at your firm is ethically compliant.

Operational Benefits of Solid Law Firm Document Management

When considering investing in a practice management software for better document management, you should understand the operational benefits—including workflow and your firm’s profitability.

Here are a few benefits of adopting an efficient document management system:

Access client case history using one system

Having client data at the tip of your fingers at all times is critical to running a firm efficiently. By using one system for document management, attorneys can have immediate access to every client note. This can come in handy while in communication with the client. This type of efficiency speaks volumes about your business, as clients can trust that their lawyer knows the ins and outs of their case history. It shows professionalism and genuine care for the details of their case.

Support remote work

Whether you’re in court, at home, or meeting with a client, it’s critical that you have the access you need to file and process client documents. This touches every element of your business. It’s essential to your firm’s overall productivity and case management. With backdocket, you can access your client data anywhere, any time, and on any device.

Meet deadlines easier

Some firms switch between platforms to track workflow and monitor deadlines. This switching back and forth is a recipe for disaster, as it could cause you to miss critical deadlines. But with backdocket, your firm can automate workflows and keep everyone who touches cases on the same page.

Optimize Your Document Management With backdocket

If you’re ready to provide a more efficient and secure system for managing your firm’s legal documents, backdocket is here to help. With unlimited cloud storage and a centralized dashboard for easy access to real-time client data, we can help small to mid-sized law firms create an ethically sound and efficient document management system to improve workflow and boost profitability.

Call us today for a free demonstration of how backdocket can help with your firm’s billing processes today.

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