The Importance of Making Billing Easy for You and Your Clients

A law firm’s most valuable asset is time. For a law firm to succeed, its partners and staff must manage their time wisely, and the most critical way to do so is to stay on top of one of their most time-consuming tasks: billing. The long hours spent on the billing process can feel like a lot of work for minimal reward, as the hours spent are so often non-billable.

That’s why it’s critical to streamline your billing process with backdocket practice management software. You’ll spend less time on billing, avoid as many non-billable hours as possible, create space for more billable hours, and have more time focused on helping your clients.

How backdocket Can Streamline Your Billing and Boost Profits

Here are a few features associated with backdocket practice management software that streamline the billing process and in turn help boost profitability.

Billing and Payments Automation

Automating the billing process can keep a law firm ahead of the game on key financial tasks like distributing payroll and keeping up with bills like utilities and rent.

Also, practice management software will allow a firm to send automated invoices and follow-up reminders to clients when it’s time to make a payment. Automation creates a steady flow of on-time payments rather than financial bottlenecks that stall your firm’s success.

Practice management software like backdocket creates an efficient workflow that can dramatically boost profitability. When you’re not bogged down in administrative busy work, you have the time and freedom to help your clients in meaningful ways. Best of all, when you make things easy for you and your clients, you’ll create a good impression, and that means more referrals.

Case Expense Tracking

Tracking case-related expenses like lab fees, court filing fees, etc., with practice management software also helps you invoice your clients in a timely and efficient manner. These short-term and upfront expenses will eventually pass on to the client. However, it’s critical that you not allow these expenses to accumulate and create cash flow issues.

As we shared above, backdocket can manage all expenses and automate check requests so that your firm’s finances don’t get stuck in a never-ending cycle of unmonitored and unpaid procedural costs.

Working in the Cloud

Cloud technology is key to decreasing the hours you spend on non-billable activities like billing. What’s especially helpful in the age of remote working is how cloud technology will allow you to do nearly everything, including billing from anywhere—at any time.

Because cloud technology provides your firm with real-time data, you have access to the most up-to-date documents and information. You won’t have to waste time double-checking documents and second-guessing billing details. When your firm works in the cloud, you can rest assured that the data you’re using during the billing process is current.  

Streamline Your Billing With backdocket

If you’re ready to bill more hours and cut back on non-billable hours by streamlining your billing process, backdocket is here to help. With customizable automation, unlimited cloud storage, and tracking capabilities, we can help small to mid-sized law firms boost their profitability to game-changing levels.

Call us today for a free demonstration of how backdocket can help with your firm’s billing processes today.

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