Improve Your Task Management Strategy to Consistently STAY Ahead

Task management for your law firm can be challenging, with multiple clients and pressing deadlines. Inadequate task management could damage your organization’s revenue and reputation. Lawyers who fail to prioritize time-sensitive tasks may miss deadlines, lose clients, or become subject to malpractice claims.

Organizing your law firm’s tasks requires an effective task management system to manage your time. The ability to stay on top of responsibilities with practice management software allows attorneys to handle their workload effectively, prepare for potential crises, and satisfy their clients at all times.

How You Handle Your Task Management System Makes a Difference

Improving your task management strategy helps you determine what needs to be done and when and how long it will take to complete every process. For instance, your firm’s client intake process may involve several tasks, such as sending a client intake form and interviewing the client, which take varying amounts of time to perform.

Your law firm’s success depends on discipline and daily planning of your workload. When you achieve this objective with practice management software like backdocket, your attorneys can focus on helping their clients achieve their goals. Cloud-based practice management software enables your firm to oversee tasks, boost productivity, and prevent oversight of important deadlines.

5 Ways to Improve Your Firm’s Task Management Strategy

Backdocket’s cloud-based capabilities keep your practice organized, efficient, and focused. Our practice management software allows you to access and track tasks easily. We can also customize the platform dashboards to meet your firm’s needs.

Any law firm wanting to improve its performance and collaboration in task management should consider the following capabilities offered by backdocket:

  1. Sync Tasks in Outlook and Google

With backdocket, you can sync tasks between the software and Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar. As a result, attorneys and staff members can view tasks from backdocket in their personal calendars. Adding task reminders to their Google or Outlook calendars can also trigger notifications on their phone or desktop, helping them stay aware of crucial deadlines and meetings.

  1. Keep Track of Each User’s Tasks

Bottlenecks may occur when multiple team members have competing tasks that need immediate completion. You can use backdocket to organize your firm’s claim workflow by assigning tasks to different team members. Assigning multiple people to a claim ensures that everyone knows the type of task and deadline for completion.

This approach also ensures your staff works on the most critical claims processes throughout the day. Additionally, if a team member becomes overwhelmed with their workload, you can reassign a task to another staff member to perform and complete the job on time.

  1. View All Tasks for a User or Claim

You can view all tasks by case to see the progression of the assignments in backdocket. This feature allows you to identify bottlenecks that might slow down your team’s progress. It also provides insight into which cases need follow-up meetings with a client.

The task list lets you see what your team and individual users are doing on a case-by-case basis. Moreover, you can seamlessly manage each type of task in your workflow by customizing how you view, assign, and manage it.

  1. Track Your Daily Tasks

Creating a to-do list will help you finish tasks and consider what your law firm needs to accomplish in the coming months. You can set up backdocket to send you daily emails containing a list of tasks to complete. These emails will help you prepare your duty inventory and track what needs to be accomplished on certain days and weeks. It allows you to plan your day accordingly to reach daily, weekly, and monthly goals.

  1. Set Up Task Completion Notifications

Setting up notifications for task completion is essential, so other members know when to take action. For instance, when a lawyer working on a car accident claim schedules a meeting with the client for a free consultation, they can mark the task as completed.

A task completion notification alerts a paralegal assigned to the case to begin collecting medical records for the claim. The paralegal can then communicate with the client to obtain a release form so the attorney can review their medical documentation.

Backdocket Can Boost Your Workflow

Backdocket allows you to create tasks, set due dates, and track your progress. Our platform is designed to help busy lawyers and staff members stay on top of their workload by providing an easy way to manage their daily tasks.

Schedule a free demonstration of our practice management software and learn more about how backdocket can help your practice stay organized.

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