Ways Customizing Your Practice Management Platform Is Critical to Your Firm’s Communication

Law firms must strive to provide the proper tools for their staff members and lawyers to communicate effectively with each other and clients. In the rapidly evolving world of technology and communication methods, it benefits law firms to place customization at the forefront of their efforts.

Practice management software with robust customization simplifies communication between attorneys and clients and makes your staff more efficient. Integrating features and developing your workflows are ways customizing your practice management platform is critical to your firm’s communication.

  1. Customizable Dashboards and Reports

Your law firm can benefit from customizing its practice management software’s dashboard to fit your team’s needs. Your dashboard can include custom search fields to help attorneys and staff members quickly find client information and case updates.

With backdocket, you can work with our onboarding specialist to customize your platform’s search results to display relevant information, such as case statuses or record requests.

Reports, color-coded charts, and graphs on your dashboard can help your law firm visualize key performance indicators (KPIs) from marketing campaigns and customer satisfaction surveys. Personalized dashboards can help your attorneys and staff stay on the same page regarding internal firm communication and customer outreach.

  1. Improved Intake Process

Automating the intake process in the practice management software platform can help your team communicate more effectively with clients. Backdocket’s platform can capture specific information about leads using customizable fields to help your lawyers see if the leads qualify for your practice. These fields may include a lead’s full name, contact number, and how they found your firm.

An intake workflow in your practice management software identifies which leads need immediate contact and which have not yet committed to your firm. In addition, you can filter your leads by the last time and date of contact. Once your intake process is in place, you can help your attorneys become more proactive in reaching out to leads and organize who will reach out to potential clients.

  1. Efficient Task Delegation

Between client meetings and court appearances, attorneys and staff members may forget to log important notes from clients. They may also miss relaying tasks and messages between law firm members. A centralized practice management system can record all client communications, including phone calls and emails.

For instance, an attorney can add notes from a client meeting. They can set up administrative tasks for the next client meeting and assign them to staff members, who can complete them before the deadline.

Staff members can also reach out to clients if needed. Task assignments allow the attorney to eliminate the risk of misplacing client information and ensure that everyone at the firm stays on task to meet the client’s expectations.

  1. Increased Internal Communication

Backdocket’s practice management platform is cloud-based, meaning lawyers and staff members can access it anywhere with an internet connection. They can quickly view essential documents and set appointments with clients and investigators.

If you need to communicate with other law firm members immediately, you can easily view their calendars and assigned tasks wherever they may be at different times of the day.

Your team can communicate more efficiently and effectively with each other, even if they’re at the client’s home, in different law offices, or at their home offices. A customizable cloud-based practice management platform can streamline communication between support staff and lawyers within your organization.

It also enhances the work-life balance of your attorneys, giving them more time and flexibility on personal commitments.

  1. Better Client Outreach

Practice management software enables integration with other programs, such as email marketing platforms, that can help maximize your client outreach. You can create streamlined, high-performing email campaigns to send to leads with email marketing software such as MailChimp or Marketo.

Within your customizable practice management platform, you can track which campaigns have the most significant impact on opening your emails and getting leads to contact you for consultations. Customized dashboards and reports enable you to reach out to customers more quickly and follow up with them more efficiently.

Grow Your Law Firm with Practice Management Software

Law firms can benefit from practice management software by improving communication within the firm and staying in touch with clients. Backdocket keeps your staff on track while providing customizable insightful dashboards to help you keep track of important deadlines.

Contact our team to schedule a free demo to find out how we can help you customize our platform for your firm’s needs.

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