How Practice Management Software Affects Your Customers’ Experience

The modern digital age has changed the way that law firms work. Today’s legal professionals are more focused on efficiency than ever before, which means using technology to streamline their practices and boost client satisfaction.

Satisfied customers can improve referrals and help your law firm stay competitive. Approximately 44.5% of global organizations regard the customer experience as a competitive factor in driving business.

Having practice management software for your law firm can help you improve the efficiency of your practice by satisfying your clients. Contact management and automated tasks make communication between your law firm and clients easier.

Find out how practice management software affects your clients’ experiences and how a cloud-based application like backdocket can save your firm time while maintaining high standards of professionalism. 

Efficient Customer Communication Management

Keeping track of interactions with your clients and contacts in one place is a critical feature in contact management. Practice management software can store, locate, and auto-populate important contact information for ongoing cases.

Attorneys and staff members can add notes from client conversations into the practice management software. Emails and files related to the case are linked together for streamlined document management.

Any member of your law firm can view the full details, context, and history of every client interaction in the firm’s cloud. For example, if you need to update a client about their case status, you can pull up their information and see the most recent notes from prior conversations.

Your clients will appreciate you informing them about developments in their cases and when they need attention. Efficient communication and customer service make your clients more likely to refer friends, family, and others in their social circles.

Improved Task Setup

Using practice management software allows you to keep track of everything related to a specific case, from documents to emails exchanged between you and your client. It also helps you set up tasks, such as filing motions or drafting legal briefs.

Legal practice management software allows lawyers to enter new cases into the system consistently. It provides a centralized location where you can track all your active cases. You can also use it to create templates that save time when entering new information into the system.

You may need to assign administrative tasks to support staff, such as paralegals and legal secretaries. In that case, you can automate your to-do list by setting up workflows and triggering new to-do actions. Improving the workflows and tasks in your practice management software can help you free up your time to meet with your clients and meet their expectations.

Better Calendar Management

Client meetings and court dates on a centralized calendar in the practice management software can help everyone in the law firm see what’s going on daily. It lets lawyers know about upcoming customer meetings and who must be at a conference or court appearance. Automated reminders also help clients and legal staff know when an important appointment or court date is approaching.

A calendar integrated with Office 365 and Google can help your lawyers update their clients on important meetings and court dates. In addition, it gives your attorneys a better idea of how long each case takes and how far it has progressed over time.

Clients gain peace of mind when their lawyers provide regular updates on their cases’ progress. They know what stage the case is at in the system and whether they need to be present for hearings or litigation meetings.

Automated Customer Service Surveys

Your associates and support staff members can automate with legal practice management software like backdocket, including following up with clients after closing their cases. Follow-up surveys allow law firms to ask questions about a client’s experience during their case.

Surveys can include questions about client satisfaction with the communication between their lawyer and support staff. You can also ask your clients how they found your law firm and if they would recommend it to others.

This automated feedback provides detailed information about the client’s experiences to your lawyers and staff. It also helps them identify areas for improvement, such as responding more quickly to emails or automating client reminders.

Enhance the Customer Experience with Backdocket

A well-designed practice management software can help you improve the customer experience with automated tasks, calendars, and record-keeping. Strengthening customer relationships and personalizing communication is the key to any law firm’s success.

Backdocket can help transform how your associates and staff communicate with clients. Learn how practice management software affects your customers’ experiences and schedule a free demo with backdocket today.

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