How Practice Management Software Can Help Your Firm Maintain Ethical Compliance

Many law firms already use practice management software to boost efficiency and streamline organization in the workplace. But when it comes to ethical compliance, you may be doubtful that legal tech can improve upon traditional methods.

However, as legal technology continues to improve, practice management software has become one of the most effective and widely used ways for a law firm to maintain and even improve ethical compliance. Learn the benefits of LPM software and discover how practice management software can help your firm maintain ethical compliance.

Benefits of Legal Practice Management Software

Legal Practice Management (LPM) software aims to provide your law firm with an integrated and streamlined system that helps manage day-to-day business operations and company workflow. Good legal software assists with scheduling, billing and bookkeeping, client communication, and file organization.

LPM software is efficiency software designed to lighten your firm’s workload by taking care of all your firm’s bureaucratic and organizational tasks, so you are free to focus on assisting clients.

Investing in LPM software can be a smart financial move for your firm. This software lowers production costs and reduces the cost of training new employees, meaning more profits for your firm.

Also, it can help you impress your clients with fast and efficient case handling and improved client service metric scores. After witnessing your firm’s high levels of proficiency and organization, your clients will feel comfortable sending more assignments your way.

Legal Practice Management Software and Ethical Compliance

When you work in the legal field, you commonly deal with sensitive and confidential information. Because of this, many lawyers still manually do things like client billing to avoid potentially sensitive details from becoming common knowledge.

Unfortunately, while manual input can possibly keep your client’s information safe, doing everything by hand takes time. Even the best manual record-keepers are prone to human error, and errors are the fastest way to put your firm’s reputation at risk.

Good legal practice management software ensures that your sensitive information is safe and can help your firm uphold its commitment to ethical compliance. If you’re worried about protecting your firm’s security and ethical compliance, discover how LPM software addresses some common ethical compliance issues.

Common Ethical Compliance Issues

Legal practice management software can address many common issues law firms face when maintaining ethical compliance and client security.

Human Error

The number one culprit of mistake-making is not your LPM software; it’s you. LPM software protects you from making errors that can lead to ethical or security issues.

Human error includes more than just typos and math mistakes. If you fail to inform your client about important information related to their case, your communication error can quickly lead to a claim. Forgetting to stay in regular contact with your client can result in losing them if there is no good reason for your lack of communication.

Missing deadlines, meetings, hearings, or forgetting to file documents on time are other human error issues that represent a serious risk to your law firm. An unclear or overcrowded schedule can make it especially hard to stay on top of your work to-do list and lead to preventable oversights.

This software, like backdocket, removes the human error element by facilitating easy communication within the office and with clients, providing meeting reminders, and offering scheduling software that will keep you on top of your appointments. It organizes all your information, making it easy to move between documents and check for errors, and stores your information in a secure central location.

Poor Record Keeping

Poor record keeping opens your law firm up to a host of ethical issues. An effective document management system can save your firm from financial ruin if your company is audited or experiences a data breach.

Most law firms have no shortage of files, and keeping track of everything can be difficult without LPM software. Backdocket allows its users to track the timelines of records requests without needing to open up every individual claim. With backdocket’s customizable search field, all the documentation you need is organized and available at a moment’s notice.

What Does Backdocket Provide?

From improved scheduling, organization, and client communication, to ethically-compliant record-keeping and billing, backdocket has everything you’re looking for in legal practice management software.

If you’re looking for a way to maintain or improve your firm’s ethical compliance, backdocket can help you avoid errors that can tarnish the reputation of your business. Build your clients’ trust by protecting their important information with backdocket.

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