Top 5 Benefits of Centralizing Your Firm’s Information into One Platform

Every member of a law firm faces organizational and client service challenges. Contacting new clients and drafting complex legal documents are just some of a lawyer’s daily duties. Using practice management software can help law firms manage their business, reduce time for manual data entry, and produce more accurate reports.

When you choose practice management software like backdocket, you can get these top five benefits of centralizing your firm’s information into one platform. Having a centralized platform lets you organize all your law firm’s data into one space to boost your workflow and focus on achieving your clients’ best outcome by increasing efficiency.

1.    Better Organization

Many law firms still rely on paper records and Excel spreadsheets to keep track of their cases and clients. Having a centralized platform can help your law firm store everything in one place and find it quickly. You can customize search fields to show relevant contacts, claims, and record requests easily. Updating, adding, and storing the flow of important documents and contacts can ensure a smooth workflow in your firm.

Cloud-based practice management software also lets you improve your firm’s marketing efforts. All your staff members can see the statuses of marketing campaigns and conversion rates.

Backdocket gives you the opportunity to integrate with Marketo and Mailchimp to better view your data. Centralizing your marketing data lets you see which marketing campaigns are working so you can continue your efforts.

2.    Accessibility for All Employees

Using practice management software sends a message to new and current clients that you invest in the latest legal technology to offer personalized legal services. Since backdocket is cloud-based, all your law firm’s employees at any of your offices can access everything they need ‌anywhere.

Your employees have better access to information while keeping in touch with clients and reaching out to new ones.

3.    Improved Efficiency

An ineffective, difficult-to-use software system slows down a law firm’s productivity. Your law firm can boost its productivity by investing in law firm management software like backdocket. With this software, everyone can access features like file management, reporting, and calendar management through an intuitive user interface.

It also allows you to automate check requests so that you don’t constantly monitor your email inbox for important messages. Even if you are not the most tech-savvy person, an onboarding specialist can work with you and your staff members to meet your needs and go over pricing for backdocket.

They can also train everyone on how to use the system to fit your law firm’s workflows and help you migrate your data from your old law management software. 

4.    Deadline Management

Failure to meet key deadlines, such as missing the opportunity to respond to an interrogatory from the defendant, can worsen the outcome of your client’s case. Backdocket syncs with your calendar to keep track of filing claims and other critical legal documents according to federal, state, and local law.

Furthermore, cloud-based practice management software can automate processes as your cases progress and remind you when to complete specific tasks. Backdocket integrates with Office 365 and Google to ensure better management of deadlines and records.

5.    Easier Communication With Clients

A lack of organization can lead to poor client communication. Poor communication with clients can lead to negative online reviews for your firm and negative results for your clients.

A cloud-based practice management system enables you to access client information from anywhere. With backdocket, you can organize, find, and auto-populate all the vital client contact details for each case.

You can also set up tasks to remind you to contact your client to prepare them for a court date or testimony or to supply evidence or paperwork. With an all-in-one contact system, you can track prospects and know when to reach out to them to schedule their initial consultation.

Explore the Benefits of Using backdocket

A centralized data platform is one way to improve efficiency, better organization, and accessibility of cloud storage for your law firm. From customizable fields to calendar syncing, backdocket considers all elements a law firm needs to run smoothly. When you invest in law practice management software, you can focus on legal matters and provide better service to your clients.

Contact us for a consultation today to learn how backdocket can improve your firm’s efficiency, client communication, and organization.

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