Are Your Clients Satisfied with How You’re Handling Their Claims?

The only way to know whether your clients are satisfied with how you’re handling their claims is through consistent communication and by listening. Your relationship with your clients depends on more than the legal services you provide, and believe it or not, more than getting big results.

Put simply, results without a connection will do nothing for your firm’s long-term growth.

Good Communication = Happy Clients

While there are many factors that go into handling a claim, nurturing the relationship between firm and client is key. Because good customer service prompts referrals and online reviews. Without them, a law firm has no foundation for growth.

Previously in another blog on client communication problems, we mention empathy as an often underrated and important aspect of customer service that can get lost in the shuffle. This tenet of customer service will help you overcome any communication gaps and keep your firm growing forward. Along with this advice, there are a few other best practices that can be helpful in building happy client relationships.

A Few Best Practices for Client Communication

Communicate often and plainly.

Being proactive is one way to show your client you care. And making sure you speak plain language instead of legal jargon so that they feel informed goes a long way to avoiding breakdowns in communication.

Listen to your client.

Avoid interruptions when your client is speaking. Pay close attention to their emotional well-being. Their verbal and non-verbal communication will tell you more than you can imagine about who they are and what they need.

Set expectations from the get-go.

Avoid disappointing your client by establishing how and when you will communicate with them. Can they call, text, or email? How will you communicate with them? And when? Setting expectations will help prevent confusion and frustration.

Perhaps you ask how do I do all of this communicating while focusing on the legal aspect of their claim? The answer is straightforward.

Streamline Your Customer Service

Through backdocket, your customer service can run like a well-oiled machine (but a machine with feelings of course), freeing up your firm’s resources. Our practice management software can centralize notes about your clients, set up automated communication for appointment reminders, and gauge your clients’ satisfaction every step of the way. This not only monitors your clients’ satisfaction, it improves it.

Take Your Customer Service to a Game-Changing New Level

This is what every successful law firm knows they should be doing, because when customer service is NOT automated and streamlined, it’s subject to human error. This leaves your client satisfaction to chance and can lead to countless missed opportunities for client referrals. But if you automate the process, your clients will feel taken care of, and they’re going to refer you to their friends and family. It’s that simple.

If you’d like to learn more about how backdocket can help your firm improve your customer service, contact us today to schedule a free demonstration.  

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