Why Customizing Your Practice Management Platform is So Important

You might already know just how powerful a tool a practice management platform can be for a law firm.

The right software can transform your firm’s operations by streamlining communications, automating processes, and centralizing information. When used properly, it can make your team’s jobs easier and your files more organized.

Though practice management systems can improve your firm’s workflow dramatically, they’re most helpful when they’re customized to meet your specific needs.

The Benefits of Customizing a Practice Management Platform

Customization takes the value of your practice management system to the next level. By fitting your software to meet your needs, you can:

  • Use the platform to improve how you prefer to work instead of changing your processes to fit the software.
  • Create different dashboards and tailor-made processes for each team member.
  • Automate communications within your firm, to clients, or with third parties.
  • Create a more intuitive experience for yourself or others, even those who aren’t accustomed to using practice management software.
  • Reduce the time you and your team spend getting to know the functions and features offered by the platform.

Without customization, you could find that the most helpful features of your system go underutilized, which is the exact opposite of what you’d hoped for.

The best way to learn about your software’s capacity to be customized is to speak with your practice management system representative. 

Though many management platforms can be tweaked to fit your needs, it’s worth researching customization features before you purchase a platform for your law firm.

When Your Practice Management Platform Can’t Be Customized

Not all practice management platforms are fully customizable. That creates a real problem for firms who need a system that is ready to deliver results right out of the box.

This is one of the reasons we created backdocket; we designed it specifically to meets the needs of small- to mid-size law firms who need a system to accommodate the way they work.

Our system isn’t just customizable by our clients from within the software; our development team proactively builds and customizes backdocket to perform tasks that you request. And we’re always looking for feedback from firms on what features and functions that aren’t currently part of our platform.

Through collaboration with our clients, we’ve developed a constantly evolving system that improves communication among team members and automates essential case management tasks.

If you’re currently working with a system that isn’t helping you improve the efficiency of your firm, backdocket might be the solution. We make sure our software meets your firm on your terms, and our thorough onboarding process ensures that your team will be ready to improve your firm’s operations from the first day of using backdocket.

Let Us Give You a Free Demo

At backdocket, we believe that our system truly meets the needs of growing firms, and we want the chance to prove it. Don’t settle for a platform that forces you into its mold. Contact our team today to schedule a free demonstration of our practice management software.

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